Job Corps Bench Installation

Through the leadership of Josie Daughrity, St. John’s on Sunday will be the beneficiary of a Job Corps Facilities Maintenance program whose students have constructed and donated benches for our enjoyment here on the church grounds. After the 10:45 liturgy we will install the benches and give thanks together for this gift. Service project workers who will join us today are Scott Stillinger, Solomone Fuko Fuka, Robert Carline, Ryan Allen, John Ambriz, Pedro Bustos, Joseph Barela, Vincent Curran, Albert Garcia, Lydia Mollett, Manuel Ramirez, Rafael Valladeras, and Jacinta Uperesa. We thank these students, Josie, Job Corps, and all who have made it possible to bring this project to St. John’s. Blessings be upon you all!

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