One more musical opportunity will begin this month. Choristers, (music for grades 1-6; singing and playing instruments) will begin on Wednesday, Oct. 16 from 4-5 p.m. We hoped to haveĀ  Choristers fully functioning by the end of September, but ongoing commitments and then the two week school break got in the way. So we will being in earnest on October 16 and work from there, preparing to sing late October or early November and to start to prepare for Advent and Christmas events. We would like any members of the parish who have children in these grades to join us or give me a call; we really need more members! And what we are providing is free music lessons; a free opportunity to try out music and learn in a intimate, open situation. Choristers includes access to some great songs, hymns and musical treasures. Children in Choristers sing, but also learn to play handbells, Orff (tone bar instruments) Instruments and learn the basics of reading music. And it is all free! All that is required is attendance as we rehearse and then sharing our gifts on a Sunday parents and kids all agree to. Call Randy Knutson at the church office.

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