The Columbarium

The tradition of burial within and around Christian churches goes back many centuries. A Columbarium, a sacred place where the ashes of the deceased are inurned, is a tradition of many Episcopal churches and cathedrals throughout the world. The Columbarium ministry is a Christian ministry of loving service to God on behalf of members and their families. Perpetual care is greatly simplified and insured since the Columbarium is in integral part of the church building grounds and is cleaned, maintained, repaired, and protected.

Bringing the physical remains of our loved ones to the church provides a Christian witness to our faith in the community of saints, living and dead. It is a reminder to pray for the souls of the departed and is a comfort to know that the ashes of out loved ones will be near an altar consecrated to the worship and service of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are pleased to bring this sacramental rite to parishoners and families of the Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist, Lodi. Ashes may be placed in niches in the columns of our Church.

A column with niches.

St. John’s Columbarium is a vault with a recessed metal compartment after cremation for the placement of the earthly remains.

Each niche us enclosed with a protective front of bronze (shown above) to which is attached an attractive identification place for the appropriate name and the dates of birth and death.

Columbarium plate detail

Purchase information may be obtained by calling the church office at (209) 369-3381 .

The purchaser will receive a Certificate of Ownership, which will indicate a niches of choice.

I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.
-Psalm 4:8