We offer special thanks for our donors for
2020 Christmas Thanksgivings and Remembrances

Ann Marie Addler, in loving memory of her parents Rocco and Gladys

Mary Ellen Beckman, in loving memory of Kenneth and our family members who are departed and thanksgiving for family and friends, special thanks for Sam, Ruth, Annie, John and Henry

Carol Bower Foote, in loving memory of Frank and Barbara Bower, Al and Belle Bloom, and Lewis Lawrence Joseph Foote.

Jack & Diana Christy in loving memory of Bill Christy, George Buck, Jr., June Buck Christy and Dorothy Ellen Christy

Ruth Diekman, in loving memory and in thanksgiving for family members and friends

Beth and Jim Elwood, in loving memory of Barbara Jones and thanksgiving for many blessings

Sharon Farnsworth, in loving memory of George Farnsworth and in thanksgiving for family present and departed

Patricia Fehling, in loving memory of her husband, Don; her father, Charles Lambert; and her mother, Lenora Lambert; and in thanksgiving for St. John's and all family and friends

Elfonda Filomeo, for all God's blessings and in memory of Brandon, Donald and Maybelle

Sarah Gay Gerard-Platt, in thanksgiving for my family and friends.

Kathy & Pete Girard, in thanksgiving for many wonderful blessings

Chester and Rose George, in thanksgiving for their children, grandchildren, and great-grand children

Linda Harkins & Lisa Ayers, in loving memory of Husband & Dad Jack Harkins and so many members of family and dear friends.

Donna and Bob Hoffman, in memory of their daughter, Kimberly Crespi and granddaughters, Tessara and Samantha Crespi

The Kafton Family, in thanksgiving for the lives of Jim Gerard, Mel & Rick Wagner, Jagger Kafton and Tad Platt

Corky & Karen Kuykendall, in thanksgiving for many blessings for family and friends

Corky & Karen Kuykendall, in loving memory of our daughter, Gia, Mandy, Bill & Ruth, Paul & Thelma

John and Edyth Ledbetter, in celebration of life of their parents, Grace and Ernie Ellis, and Barbara and Keith Ledbetter; and for the blessings of children and grandchildren

Patsy Lithco, in loving memory of Norman Lithco and in thanksgiving for the long wonderful history at St. Johns

Ida Mae Lobb, in loving memory of Mary Thomas, Elizabeth Lobb and Joe Lobb

Russ & Kathy Munson, in memory of friends and loved ones

John Nieman in loving memory of Fran, my loss is heavens gain. I’m so grateful for all the Christmas years we shared together, love John.

Kelly & Karen Olds in thanksgiving for St. John’s Parish Family

Gwin Paden, in thanksgiving for God’s blessings and for family and friends and in memory of Jack

Anne and Jim Reeve, In memory of John Reeve, Roger & Marian Reeve and Ellen & George Webster

Vinita Shinn, in loving memory of her husband, Bob, and her parents, John and Eula Coulter

Hennie VanKonynenburg in memory of two good friends who died this year, Bobby Betcher and Terry Sullivan Russell

Joel and Nancy Walker, in loving memory of our parents: Barbara & Keith Ledbetter and Opal & Art Walker; and in thanksgiving for many wonderful blessing

The Wied and Schmitt Families, in loving memory of Douglas and Christine Wied

Dick, Janie, Lindsey and Allison in loving memory of Jerry & Max Christesen and in thanksgiving for family and friends!

Greg Wilson Family, in loving memory of “Oz” Wilson, Randy Wilson and Carolyn Wilson

Roxy Woodard, in thanksgiving for God’s Blessings

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