Sermon from 1/26

Epiphany 3, Year A St. John's 2014 The Rev. Elaine H. Breckenridge Listen to this...Sermon 2014.01.26 Jesus walks by the Sea of Galilee, calls Peter and Andrew, and immediately they follow him.  And going on a little farther, he sees James and John, the Sons of Zebedee.  He calls them and … Continue reading

Annual Meeting Address from 1/26

Annual Meeting Address 2014 The Rev. Elaine H. Breckenridge January 26, 2014 They say that honesty is the best policy and I have to be honest, I feel like the new preacher who was called to serve a new congregation in a new town. Not soon after he had moved there he was walking the downtown … Continue reading

Sermon from 1/12/14

Baptism of Christ 2014 The Rev. Elaine Breckenridge January 12, 2014 Listen to this...Sermon 2014.01.12 EHB So that’s it then. We are officially finished with the Christmas season.  The greens, the wreathes, the poinsettias, the creche and the three kings have all been taken out of the … Continue reading

Sermon from 1/5/14

Epiphany Sunday 2014 January 5, 2014 A Sermon by The Rev. Elaine H. Breckenridge  Listen to this... Sermon 2014.01.05 EHB           They made it! It took them only twelve days but the wise men, our three figures of nobility in the Gospel reading finally made it to the site of the … Continue reading