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Sermon From 3/23

The Rev. Elaine Breckenridge
Lent 3A 2014
March 23,  2014
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         “Give us water to drink”cried the Israelites. “Give me a drink”, said Jesus. These readings always make me feel thirsty and I do not like being thirsty. As I was sipping from a tall, cold glass of water on Friday thinking about this sermon,  I decided to explore my thirst. And then I remembered.

                It was a warm spring day in Lent. I was in high school driving my father’s car and I was thirsty. Lucky for me, I spotted a water bottle on the floor of my father’s car.  And so at the next red light, I grabbed the bottle and took a drink. But the light changed before I could get the cap on and holding a open water bottle while at the same operating a gear stick was a recipe for disaster. I dropped the bottle and got water everywhere, all over the car.  So I pulled the car off the road to pick up the bottle, and since there was a little bit of water left in the bottle, I resolved to finish it off. And then I saw the label.  To my horror, the hand written label read, “Jordan River Water for Easter Vigil Baptisms.” Oh yeah, I was horrified as I realized that not only had I baptized my father’s VW bug with Jordan River water, I had nearly drunk what precious drops of it remained, nearly depriving the church’s newest converts from their chance to be baptized in the same water that had baptized Jesus!
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Sermon from 3/16

The Second Sunday of LentMarch 16, 2014
The Rev. Elaine Breckenridge
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Sermon from 3/9

The First Sunday of Lent
March 9, 2014
The Rev. Elaine H. Breckenridge
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Reminders for this week

Monday, June 4
10:00 am, People of Faith, Hospitality Room

Wednesday, June 6
7:00 pm, Parish Study Presentation, Hospitality Room
with Greg Masztal
No Choir Practice

Thursday, June 7
7:00 pm, Ministry Matters Meeting, Hospitality Room

Sunday, June 10
9:30 am, Holy Eucharist, Church

Wednesday, June 13
6:30 pm, Vestry Meeting, Hospitality Room

Thursday, June 14
7:00 pm, Chant Sing, Chapel