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Sermon from 5/25

A Sermon Preached by Elaine Breckenridge
Easter 6A 2014
Listen to this…Sermon 2014.05.25 EHB
This past week I went to visit my parents in SLC who recently made the transition from their home of twenty years to a new home in an assisted living facility. As I was preparing for the trip at one point I said to someone, “I am going home to see my parents.” Later I thought, “Why did I say “home? I haven’t lived with my parents or lived in Utah for decades.” Suffice it to say that my week has led me to think about home.
“There’s no place like home.” as Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz. But where and how do we define home? What does the word home mean to us within the context of this morning’s Gospel and our lives as Christians?
In this morning’s Gospel, Jesus is preparing his disciples for the time when he will no longer be with them in human form. He assures his disciples that even though their relationship is changing, it is not ending. They will not be abandoned nor left as orphans. They will remain connected. And of course the great connector is the Holy Spirit which as the Gospel says “abides with them.”
Now the deeper meaning behind the word “abide” means to make a home. And so a better way of understanding our passage would be to render it like this.
“You know the Spirit because the Spirit makes a home in you and stays with you.” Biblically speaking then, our true home, is not a place, not a house, not a church building, but a relationship. It is a relationship with God made possible by the Spirit of Christ in our hearts.
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Rogation Sunday Procession, May 25

Next Sunday, May 25, following the second service, there will be a procession to the Community Garden for a blessing of the plantings. Interested people are invited to gather for conversation following the blessing to discuss the organization and future of the garden.

Memorial Day

Monday, May 26, the office is closed due to the Memorial Day Holiday.

Portal to Prayer with Poets and Mystics

Portals to Prayer with Poets and Mystics
Thursday, June 5th 7:00-8:30pm, Hospitality Room
Carol Bower Foote is offering a quiet evening designed for deep listening, by speaking selected sets of poems and writings around themes for contemplation. Time for silent prayer and reflection will be offered after each set of readings. Participants are invited to be present to silently receive the spoken offerings, then listen deeply for their own soul’s experience and message. Conversation and discussion is not part of this experience. For more information, including some of the poets and mystics whose writings will be shared, fliers can be found on the ministry table with a sign-up sheet. Drop ins and guests are also welcome.

Sermon From 5/18

Andee Zetterbaum
Sunday, May 18, 2014
The Fifth Sunday of Easter
Listen to this…Sermon 2014.05.18 AZ

Sermon from 5/11

The Rev. Elaine H. Breckenridge
Easter 4, 2014
Listen to this…Sermon 2014.05.11 EHB

Once there was a famous actor who was the guest of honor at a social gathering. At the gathering he received many requests to recite favorite excerpts from various literary works. An old preacher who happened to be there asked the actor to recite the twenty-third Psalm. The actor agreed to but on the condition that the preacher would also recite it. The actor’s recitation was beautifully intoned with great dramatic emphasis for which he received lengthy applause. The preacher then took his turn and his voice was rough and broken from many years of preaching. His diction was anything but polished. But when he finished speaking there was not a dry eye in the room. When someone asked the actor what made the difference, he replied, “I know the psalm, but he knows the Shepherd.”

The Shepherd. While our civic calendar tells us it’s Mother’s Day, our church calendar tells us it is Good Shepherd Sunday. As we do every fourth Sunday in the Easter season, we are reading from John’s tenth chapter, a chapter devoted to sheep, shepherds and most importantly, the good shepherd.

Perhaps some of you, like me can remember the earliest pictures you saw in Sunday School–the image of a shepherd; a staff in his hand, a little lamb around his neck standing in the midst of the most beautiful countryside. We were told, back then that the shepherd was Jesus.

Now, the shepherd is only one metaphor that the writer of John’s Gospel uses for Jesus. As heard today, Jesus is also the gate–the entrance, the way into the safety of the sheepfold.
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Sermon from 5/4

The Rev. Elaine Breckenridge
Easter 3A 2014
Listen to this…Sermon 2014.05.04 EHB

I begin with a prayer today taken from the service of evening prayer in our prayer book. “Lord Jesus, stay with us; be our companion in the way, kindle our hearts and awaken hope, that we may know you as you are revealed in Scripture and the breaking of bread.”

That of course is a synopsis of the Gospel we just heard. It is a story of companionship, hope, and the on-going revelation of the divine in Scripture and Eucharist. Of all the Easter stories in the New Testament this one is my favorite. Why? Three reasons. First, because it is about the transformation of two disciples on a journey. Eyes were opened as they saw Christ made known in the breaking of the bread. Ears were opened as they hear stories of salvation beginning with Moses. Minds were opened as they made the connection between Jesus and the promised Messiah. Hearts were opened as they experienced the Risen Christ.

It is a favorite because their story is our story. Each of us, like this couple, find ourselves on a journey, on a path traveling at times either with eyes wide open or with eyes wide shut, sometimes to or away from hope but always as the Gospel reminds us, with the Risen Christ as our companion.

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Called to be a Blessing

Called to be a BlessingA Visit from our Bishop and PartyPicture1
May 31, 3:00 p.m.
Bishop David Rice will be with us as we celebrate the beginning of our 2014 Capital Campaign. Bishop Rice will be our guest speaker and there will be a brief presentation outlining the scope of the campaign. A festive reception will follow.

Sermon from 4/27

The Rev. Elaine Breckenridge
Easter 2A, April 27, 2014
Listen to this….Sermon 2014.04.27 EHB

Happy Easter! Today we celebrate the second Sunday in this joyful season of Easter. We all need to be reminded that Easter is not one day, but it is in fact a season of the church year which lasts fifty days. The Great Fifty Days they are called. Easter is just beginning.
And so the Gospel reading in front of us is always a surprise every year. There is nothing joyful about it— just the opposite in fact. The disciples are huddled in fear, behind a locked door, refusing to the believe the testimony of Mary Magdalene who had seen Jesus earlier that same day. Much to everyone’s surprise, Jesus appears to everyone but Thomas. As the story unfolds, in many ways, Thomas is the focal point of the story.
Thomas. Poor Thomas, dubbed by so many as “the original doubting Thomas.” But perhaps Thomas was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. When the Risen Jesus appeared to the rest of the disciples he was out, probably doing something practical like getting the rest of them food. At any rate, he missed that first resurrection contact with Jesus.
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